Saturday, 26 May 2018

Tough enough?

Salam ramadan everyone.

Is your day going well?

I hope you have a good day.

I am currently on my mid sem break. Finally. After 12 consecutive weeks.

This semester is such a tough one. To tell you the truth, this semester is a whole disaster. I have 2 weeks left before final exam and when I mentioned it was already a whole disaster, I hope you get what I meant.

Previous semesters were tough but honestly this semester is super tough. I am mentally and physically exhausted. You know how I get motivated by my own words but I never been able to update anything on blog because I don't have that much time for leisure. I was too busy with event and assignments that I get tired easily and I always have a bone to pick with someone. I get criticized a lot and I was pressured. I was so demotivated.

Those criticism might come from my own fault but I think people have no right to blame me as I can see there were so many faults they have been doing but I refused to talk about it. I thought I was professional enough but no. Things were so different here. I had so much fun organizing an event, doing last minute revision and I think I was able to sacrifice almost everything to become a successful multitasker. But now, I realize that I am no longer a good multitasker.

One thing that I should point out here is a sense of respect. I believe this is the term that makes everything so different than before. I even asked my fellow friends in Tapah. They thought the same thing. Everyone. Let me tell you. Although you guys think that I'm at fault, you guys should have a large scope of view where you can actually know the struggle of a leader. Your expectation means nothing to me as this happened. That is why, I don't want to put any expectations on you in the future. I don't think it will be worth it. I learnt a lot, thanks to you guys. But one thing I want those people to learn. Be considerate.

I don't like to be a center of attraction but I like leading a group. I don't like to be sensitive and emo out of nowhere so I choose to become an understanding leader. I don't like to brag a lot about my experiences and achievement because no matter how much I brag about that, people will always think that I am lacking in those areas. I believe that I am a good leader back then. Now? No more. 

Remind me that I am not perfect. I can be at fault too.

Life is like a wheel. Sometimes on top sometimes at the bottom. 

Choose people that can help and guide you to be on top most of the time.

Be with people who can make you feel motivated to start your struggle everyday.

It's time to forgive and forget.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Act your age


I'm so ready to make a comeback to this blog! I haven't do any continuous update for quite some times and my passion to write has slowly gone. OMG. Commitment ain't no joke.

As you can see, the title of this post is ACT YOUR AGE means that.. if you are 12 years old, act like a 12 years old child but if you are 22 years old then don't act childish! I'm not saying that if you are currently at the age of 22, you have to be matured all the time. No. There is no such thing that prevents you to not act childish because You. May. Act. Childish. if it were meant for jokes ke or if you lepak with your family or close friends.. well that's okay. What I'm trying to say is that.. your MENTALITY. The way you handle certain problems or situation. 

I experienced this a lot. I'm 22 and still can be considered as young, am I? You might thought that I am not in the level or situation to talk about this but I have to. I really need to highlight this topic. Most of my close friends might know that I cannot stand people who doesn't act their age. I mean, why do you have to make things tougher while we can settle everything real quick?

You are a grown up ladies and guys, so why don't you try to accept things rationally? Why choose to be sensitive while you can actually just accept everything and think on a right track. Don't try to bring things up and act like everyone would symphatize with your situations. This action shows that you are so desperate. Such an attention seeker. For me, I define maturity as taking problems as one challenge and try to work things out the best you can. Do not make things worse especially when you ignore problems and never get them settled. Please. NEVER.

Try to consider people around you because if you make things worse then it will be harder for them too. Come on people.. it's 2018. Why should this mentality exist? You need to find any possible solutions whenever conflict exists and this is why two way communication is important! I myself think that ignorance is the best way to actually face this sort of people who have such a low mentality. Reason? Easy. The more you talk, the more childish they go. The more you persuade them, the sulkier they get. These people understand nothing and act like a victim so that people would always be there for them. Urghhh such a crybaby.

Talking to them is such a waste. Waste of time and energy. I cannot stand these sort of toxic people because they have always spoiled my good times and affected my work too. Can I just remove these toxic people and enjoy my life to the fullest? *Abracadabra* lol

Have you happened to face this kind of situation too? Are these type of people are close to you?

Comment below guys :) Let's share our concern. Sharing is caring!