Sunday, 8 October 2017

A letter to my precious one ❤

I suddenly realized that you are approaching 50's.You are currently 47. When you gave birth to me, you were just in your 20's. Not even reaching 30's. How time flies. I couldn't control myself when I think about this. I might got teary but I hold my tears. I don't want you to see how painful it was to see you get old day by day, year by year. You kept on complaining that you had back pain, headache, and you legs hurt most of the time. Same goes to abah. 

Last two weeks, on 24th of September, it was my birthday. My 21st birthday. You cooked my favourite meal. It was sambal telur. You even cooked some kind of porridge and you excitedly told me that you cooked those! However, I wasn't able to eat at home that day. Not at all. I had to rush back to college since abah was going to send me. Abah seriously cannot wait. First, because it was already 3pm, he needed to go back to work. Second, guys.. boys.. men.. they hate waiting. Third, abah will get mad on my birthday so I had no choice but to abandon all the lauk you cooked and your feeling tho. I felt sorry. You kept on telling me to bawa bekalan. I couldn't answer you and  I just gave you a hint saying no. I can't say anything because I was holding my tears. I'm scared that you were going to notice my teary voice. After getting into the car, I even waved without looking at you because I know I would have cry if I looked into your eyes. I actually cried after arriving at the college tho. It was super sad since it was on my special day.

This morning, I accompanied you to pasar pagi. You wanted to find the tudung to wear on my convo. We've been here and there just to find your tudung. Luckily, you bought one. No. Two! Haha. My mom guys.. After that, I helped you at the kitchen and you asked me, "Angah suka ke lauk ni?" and I was like... "Maaaaa ni memang lauk favourite angah". "Bukan angah, adik yang suka ni" I... am speechless. You forgot one of my favourite lauk. At that time, I was wondering.. what if you are going to forgot all of your daughter's favourite lauk and other things later on? What if you even going to forget about the recipe of your own cooking? You might not being able to cook for us in the future. And we all will be missing your cooking. I couldn't imagine that to happen :(

Ya Allah, I can't bear to see them get old and had all the pain and hurt. Please bless them with the best health and give us chances to bring happiness and more proudest moment to both of them. Allahumma Aminn.

Love you, mak abah 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Tips : Studying while listening to music?

Assalamualaikum ☺

It has been two weeks since I ended my first semester as a degree student. Everything happened so fast. I barely had time to breathe because it's busyness not business. I'm all excited to know whether I did well or not in this very first semester. Hopefully the results will come out well even though I don't feel like getting something excellent but as long as it can bring a smile to my parent's face, I'm totally okay with it. Amin.

Moving on to the topic. I'm going to talk about my habit which I think this one should be considered as my strength because recently, during final exam, my roommate asked me, "Can you study well while listening to music? Don't you feel distracted? Can you memorize well all the theories, all the facts you are currently reading?"

My answer would be,

YES! I can study better while listening to music.
NO! I don't feel distracted at all.
YES-NO! Haha. I can memorize facts most of the time but I can understand better without listening to music.

Honestly, I enjoy listening to music most of the time in 24/7. I think music is the best medium that you can use as the so-called-pills to avoid being sleepy while doing revision or memorizing facts. Normally, students listen to music while doing calculations but for me, I can listen to music no matter what subject I'm currently studying (theories, calculations, etc.) and I also believe that this is not a unique habit because I know there are many people out there who actually have the ability to listen to music while doing any revision.

One fact that I think you guys should believe is I can memorize even faster when I'm doing revision while listening to music compared to doing revision without music. And it always happens when I keep my earphones in. In my case, that is a better way in which I can concentrate. I prefer listening to music through earphones most of the time so it is absolutely necessary for me to bring my earphones wherever I go.

I don't think listening to music while studying is a distraction because distractions are everywhere. Even a pen that you are currently holding can be a distraction to you. Agree? It all depends on you. You need to maintain your grit. The true grit to be excellent in study.

So here, I prepare a few tips for those who would love to study while listening to music!

- Make sure the volume of the music is not too loud. You need to actually choose the suitable volume that you believe would help you concentrate better. Suitable enough to prevent you from being sleepy and give a chill to your brain!

- I recommend you guys to select songs that you are not really understand the meaning or the lyrics of the song. If you are non kpoppers, then you may have kpop songs as one of the choices. If you guys select the songs with a language that you are familiar with, you might sing along to the song and end up focusing to the song rather than your book. Ahahaha. You better not do this!

- Do not select rock or sentimental songs like piano version guys. Select songs that are just nice, not too catchy and can prevent sleepy. That is why my top track in playlist mostly kpop songs. They have the rhythm and not too rock. Their songs are not going to make you sleepy. Unless, you made a wrong choice. So, choose carefully! If you guys choose selawat, zikir... these are the best choices after all. I cannot deny :)

- You guys should listen a song or playlist from MP3. Avoid music videos and live performance videos. Please guys, especially kpop fans. I can't help myself from monitoring my bias dancing in the whole video. Ahaha.

- If you guys are not familiar with using earphones while studying please avoid using earphones or headphones while memorizing facts. Earphones can actually distract half of your focus while studying. I admit that I can memorize better and faster using earphones, but I can't understand the facts as fast as memorizing it. For example, a list of formula vs long verbal law facts. You can use earphones while memorizing formula but not the long verbal law facts. 

I had this habit for a very long time. Since I was in Form 2, I came to know so. I, myself find it hard to study without earphones in and I've been sacrificing my money just for new earphones 2-3 times in a year. However, I couldn't agree more with the last tips. Because we are currently fighting with two types of concentration. Books vs earphones. Which one should be your priority? You decide!

After a longgg update, I would like to clarify that studying while listening to music is actually not a good thing to do. It involves so many negative effects especially regarding you health. Mental and physical. Because this is multitasking. And multitasking is bad for self-improvement. However, I believe everyone of us can decide when we should listen to music or not while studying. Obviously when we are feeling sleepy, right?

So... until next time!
Thank you for reading :)